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Vess A7000 Series

Surveillance Planner

Optimized for Video Surveillance

The Vess A7000 Series storage appliance is specially engineered for IP video surveillance deployment on medium to large scale; ideally suited for surveillance systems in banks, malls, casinos, factories, warehouses, commercial, residential, governmental or private enterprises. The subsystems are capable of continuous recording and playback operation without dropping frames.

Server Level Performance & Expansion Design

Two options for large HDD capacity enclosures are available: a 3U 16-drive (Vess A7600) and 4U 24-drive (Vess A7800). The Intel E5 CPU combined with Promise Technology knowhow create an outstanding combination of performance and reliability for Midsize to Large-Scale surveillance deployments. For larger storage system requirements, the system is cost effect using the Promise JBOD to extend capacity without the added expense of an additional RAID server.

SMARTBOOST™ Technologies

PROMISE proprietary SMARTBOOST™ Technology provides you the most stable and high performance storage solution for your surveillance system. Performance limited by storage equipment bottlenecks is significantly improved by Promise SMARTBOOST™ Technology. With the optimized software features and FRU hardware design of SMARTBOOST™ Technology, you have stability and high performance with the best C/P ratio.

Predictive Playback

Utilizes idle recording times to monitor read patterns to predict where the next playback will be needed so the hard disk drives are not competing with the workload of the system.

Remote Active Service

Takes all worries away by proactively detecting when PSU, controllers or HDDs are going into critical condition and automatically notifying user the hardware status. A huge advantage in installations with site restrictions, such as banking, as it not only saves maintenance costs but also the headaches caused when outside support personnel need access to restricted areas.

Sequential Pattern Recording

Eliminates the heavy workloads caused by random write patterns; this feature monitors recording patterns and collects data in the cache buffer and writes data to the drives once a full stripe is ready. This creates a sequential recording pattern which offers the smoothest performance.


Purpose Built for Intelligent Video Analytics

To handle demand for Intelligent Video Analytics (IVA) in the surveillance market, Vess A7000 series supports multiple add-on graphic cards with embedded GPU to meet the performance requirements of such advanced projects in the field. The unique SMARTBOOST™ Video technology makes A7000 series more suitable for IVA applications with skill and ease.


Stepping Stone to Artificial Intelligence

The combined features of scalable add-on GPU, SMARTBOOST™ video and storage technology provide a great entry point for Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications in future surveillance demand. Recording without frame dropped, reduced system loading, scalable hardware design to add more GPU onto your system, enables adoption of AI technology without adding unnecessary cost.



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